Knowing the Misconceptions of Modular Homes For a Better Construction Experience

What are the common misconceptions about modular homes? There are many myths surrounding this trending housing type, which drives potential home buyers to seek the truth online or from the general contractors and home builders. There are some buyers who came to realize that these myths are a ploy to confuse them with what really is a modular home. Thankfully though, home dealers have been eager to educate home buyers on what are the facts about modular housing.

Like the other opportunities in having a huge investment, the most widespread misconceptions about modular homes are attributed to its cost, quality, safety, and value.

Quality of Modular Homes

Contrary to false belief, prefabricated homes are high quality homes. A modular home is built-in compliance with the guidelines set by the local and Federal Housing Department, labeling it as a quality- built home. Every manufacturer hires trained employees to deliver high quality modules that are the building blocks of modular homes. Each phase of the building process is closely monitored and inspected by General contractors and third party representative to ensure that superior quality homes are produced.

Safety of Modular Homes

Many doubt about the safety that a modular home could provide. This doubt is now shrugged off by the advanced technology used in having safe modular homes. Home builders are eager to answer the demands of his clients when it comes to safety. That is the reason why protection against storms, floods, and fire is among the benefits of having a modular home. Damages against earthquakes and accidents are also given taken cared of by modular homes.

Value of Modular Homes

Though at some point modular homes and manufactured homes are deemed to be similar to each other, this doesn’t mean that modular homes also depreciate in value. In fact, modular homes are uniquely increasing it’s over time. Less maintenance issues promote a better modular home than the manufactured home.

Cost of Modular Homes

Is the cost of a modular home 50% lower than traditional homes? The answer to this question is no. The cost of building one modular home is ten to twenty percent lower than the customary homes. This gives modular homes the edge to be more affordable than conventional homes nowadays.