Why Many Are Switching to Modular Home Construction?

Modular construction is a great way for folks who wish to build, to have a high quality home at an affordable price.  If you are someone who would like to oversee the project, this guide will help give you an overview of the modular home construction process.

Lower Cost Option

Millions of Americans cannot afford the rent and mortgages they are paying. They need lower cost options that allow the percentage of income spent on housing to decline to the one-third that the government says is vital to have a balanced budget. This is true both at the highest end of the housing spectrum, all the way down to folks earning minimum wage. Thankfully, modular home plans that are produced by Legendary Homes Inc. in Jackson, Michigan, are cost effective.

A desire for detached housing with yard

Americans prefer the traditional detached dwelling with yard. That’s the American dream we’ve all been taught. We like the privacy of having no neighbors up against our walls, ceilings and floors. And we like having the privacy of a private yard and the ability to park near our door. Apartments and condominiums just do not offer these conveniences. That’s why the modular home is more desirable than apartments and condominiums – it’s not the way we want to live. A modular home with a yard on the beach in Malibu has a superior quality of life to an apartment or condo nearby.

Some people choose a good deal even when they can afford more

While many people in traditional housing do not have other options, the folks who live in the parks in Malibu could obviously afford something different. There are certainly condominiums that they could buy for $1,000,000. But they see the “value” of the mobile home park. It’s no different than when you get excited over finding a great value on a piece of furniture at an estate sale. Sure, you might be able to afford something more expensive, but why waste money? Americans love a good deal, and modular home can offer that.