Steps to Building a Modular Home Addition in Michigan

Extra space, new bathroom, separation from teenagers – the reasons for building a an addition for your modular home in Michigan.

That’s the fantasy part of building a modular home addition. What’s the reality like? Here are a few steps of what you will encounter when you decide to build a modular home addition.

Find Contractor

This is one job where you need to get real, from-the-gut recommendations from neighbors, friends, or relatives. If they can’t recommend a contractor, lose your shyness and knock on the doors of homes that have recently had additions put on.

Secure Funding

Most modular home addition projects can be completed with cash. Even if you aren’t pulling in a lot of money, you can always break down projects into small chunks so that you can build it – and pay it off – over time. But the house addition is the one exception: you need a loan. Most homeowners get a home equity loan or line of credit.

Permits, Demo, and Prepare Site

Anything other than level bare dirt will need to be demolished, removed, and graded. A crew will come and drop off a portable toilet, and perhaps put up a sign telling the world who is building your addition. Your contractor should obtain permits, and will most likely be required to post the approved permits in a visible spot on your property.

Pick Your Foundation.

Depending on the plans discussed with your contractor, the crew will begin pouring a concrete slab or digging out a crawlspace or basement. Foundation footers–the peripheral base upon which the addition will rest–are poured or constructed of block concrete.

Ensure Installation of Other Features

Wall panels and roofing are necessary to protect all work that will come after. Panels are installed quickly, with house wrap or tar paper on the outside of the panels.

But the process slows again as the electricians and plumbers come in and work their magic. Also, the HVAC crew comes in and installs ductwork. Insulation and drywall are the next steps. Now the addition is beginning to look like a real structure.