Two Styles of Modular Homes For Sale in Michigan That You Should See

Modular homes for sale are so spectacular that we can’t decide what we like best about them! Is it the innovative design? Perhaps it’s the way they lend themselves to green living. Or maybe it’s their ability to maximize space in the most interesting of ways. It’s hard to deny the uniqueness of modular homes.

Below we feature a two styles of modular homes for sale in Michigan, the green modular homes and the multi- family home that will impress you with its angular design.

Green Modular Homes

Many green concepts come standard with modular homes, others are offered as upgrades, and others are simply choices in building materials.  Because of their inherent efficiency, and cost effective upgrades, modular homes are ahead of stick built homes when it comes to green building.

Multi- Family Modular Homes

Modular home builders have come up with new guideline in modular construction and that is to create multi- family modular homes. This type of dwelling answers the issues on home and land ownership of many families. Multi- family modular homes are further divided to different classifications. These homes are namely called the duplexes, triplexes, town houses and apartments.