Modular Home Addition in Michigan

Like home building, additions are a great way to utilize modular off site building. The speed of modular is especially advantageous in reducing the disruption in a modular home while you are adding space and functionality. The quicker you build, the less mess and disruption to your daily life and, the quicker you can enjoy your new space.

Complete second floor additions, family rooms, extra bedrooms, in-law suites, au pair quarters, expanded kitchens, home offices, home theaters can all be quickly built and delivered, to meet your changing lifestyle. All without leaving the neighborhood you love, or facing the stress of selling and moving. Additions are a great way to have the home of your dreams, without leaving behind the years of memories tied to your current home. And, of course, every addition is a fully custom design, based upon your needs.

The modular home is an example of how a growing family added extra bedrooms and living space in a fraction of the amount of time it would have taken to site build. In their case, they did not even have to move out of the house!

The addition usually has an added a garage and a master suite for this family in Michigan. The panels for the garage and the modules above which housed the new master suite were set in just a day.