Energy Efficiency of a Modular Home Floor Plan

These days’ modular home owners and home buyers want properties with energy efficiency features. No one wants to be spending money they don’t have to, so get up to speed on your home’s energy efficiency and get the benefits you are entitled to.

Check Energy Efficiency Rating of your Home

The American Building Codes Board outlines the energy-efficiency requirements new homes, or modifications to existing homes, need to comply with under the National Construction Code. The HUD Code provides the official energy rating system that evaluates existing homes and new builds on their energy-efficiency. Each modular home in Michigan is constructed through the standards of HUD, so the energy efficiency rating is guaranteed to be of quality. Just ensure that you hire a valid modular home contractor.

Confirm Insulation of your Modular Home

Increasing your home’s thermal efficiency is simple. You can do that by installing insulated walls that reduces your energy, water and gas bills. Insulated modular homes will not only cut your living costs, but a higher star rating is a real asset when selling your home.