Cost of a Ranch Style Modular Homes in Michigan

The quality of a ranch style modular home may even surpass that of site-built homes and it costs you lesser than you thought. It is a model or style most Americans look for. In Michigan, it is one of the in- demand styles for modular construction.

As one of the different styles of modular homes, ranch style modular homes have several benefits to share. It is nearly complete when they arrive at the site. Carpet, vinyl, and other flooring are installed at the factory along with the trim, and walls are painted or tiled. Plumbing and electrical work are completed at the factory, too, with utility connections made at the site by the local contractor, who directs the project and assembles the finished modules.

Costs of a Ranch Style

The total ranch style modular home project typically costs about twice what’s paid to the factory for the modules. This covers the foundation, septic or sewers, well or water lines, the driveway, a little landscaping, connecting the plumbing and wiring between modules, and hooking up the home to utilities. Included in the total cost are shipping charges of around $4,000, and $1,000 for a crane to place the modules. The ranch style modular home costs around $75 per square foot, not including the property. Had it been built using standard construction, the cost would have risen to nearly $120 per square foot.