Benefits of a Two Story Modular Home in Michigan

A two story modular home imposes lots of advantages to its owner. If you are living in Jackson, Michigan, you will greatly benefit from building this style of prefab house.

Quality is Controlled and Achieved
Each two story modular home undergoes rigid quality control inspections by a Quality Assurance Department trained to inspect every aspect of construction from framing to final finishing details including electrical, mechanical and plumbing. All two story modular homes are checked to see that they conform to each state’s building code by an independent third party. The entire quality control process starts with the inspection of raw materials as they are received by the plant to ensure conformance to high quality standards and specific state code requirements.

Climate Control Environment

Two story modular homes are constructed in spacious, indoor climate controlled production facilities. Skilled craftsmen build your home uninterrupted by inclement weather. By keeping production inside, we can control all variables that could cause potential problems.

Energy Efficient Two Story Modular Home

The two story modular home is also more energy efficient. The attention to detail and strength reduces gaps and drafts in the home. The increase in quality construction of modular home transforms into lower heating and cooling bills.

Design Flexibility

Two story modular homes come in many different styles, including Ranch Style, Cape Cod, and two-story. Although there are many standard floor plans to choose from within each style, complete design flexibility and customization, including the ability to draw your own unique design is available.