What to Expect From a Top Modular Home Builder in Michigan?

A local modular home builder can make your dream home a reality but a poorly chosen one can also ruin it. Here are some areas to to expect from your modular home builder.


It is definitely worth to pay more upfront and deal with a builder that is experienced with modular homes than instead being a guinea pig for a builder new to the unique issues of modular home construction. To ensure you have an experienced builder here ask how long he have been building modular homes and how many modular homes does he build a year. Also inquire what type of modular home does he mostly builds.

So far we have an experienced builder who is a superstar with customer service. Now it’s time to find out about the actual home and the manufacturer that will be building it. Each modular manufacturer has pros and cons. Some modular manufacturers focus on high end homes and others concentrate on smaller budgets. It is a good sign for a modular builder to deal with multiple manufacturers so they can use the one that will best fit your building situation.

Delivery and Construction On Sites

When modular homes are delivered from the factory they are typically only 70-85% finished. Now is the time to find out who is responsible for tying up the loose ends and turning the modules into a home. Do not worry about asking questions about this. It is better and safer for you to be very clear about this process.

You want to make sure your investment is safe. Ask about the warranty. Modular homes usually come with an overall manufacturer warranty and some individual products will also have warranties. Just because there is a warranty does not mean you are covered. Warranties usually have fine print attached to them. Find out the fine print and nail down who will be responsible for what.