Why You Need to Try the Second Story Modular Home Addition

Building a two story modular home addition is an all too common scenario that most American families face at some stage. Why? A young or extended family is slowly growing and the home is becoming more and more crowded. One way or another more space is needed in the form of either a renovation or relocation. So what to do from here?

Yes. A modular home addition answers your concerns when you need more space for your growing family. So where do you go next?

Enter the team from Legendary Homes Inc.

Our experienced trades people and talented design staff can work with you to find the perfect solution. Whether that is a modular second story modular home addition with light weight construction or a more traditional brick ground floor extension we can find the correct solution for you.

Equipped with the knowledge and experience  how our team can help relieve those family growing pains with much less hassle than you thought possible.

Our modern building techniques allow us to finish most renovations quicker than our competitors making us an ideal solution or the home owner looking to improve their lifestyle with a high quality renovation.

Add a deluxe parents retreat, a couple of bedrooms and activity room for the kids or a full multi level extension and makeover. The possibilities are endless!