Three Reasons Why Energy Efficient Modular Homes in Michigan are Better than your Traditional House

There are three reasons why people choose to build a greener, more energy-efficient home. The first is to promote healthy living, the second is to save money on energy expenses and the third is to conserve our earth’s resources. With less waste, more energy efficient components and recycled materials, modular home construction is inherently green by nature.

Those individuals who are looking for a greener alternative to traditional building have discovered the many benefits of modular homes. Some advantages include:

Reduction of waste

The controlled environment of a factory allows the builder to be very precise with material planning and use. This means that there are very little leftover materials once modular homes are built. Because construction is ongoing in these facilities, any leftover material from one house can be used to build the next house.

Reduction of fuel use

Building modular homes in a factory setting saves fuel, which is crucial to lessening our impact on our environment. Equipment does not need to be transported out to a work site each day as with traditional homes. Materials can be bought in bulk to reduce fossil fuels expelled from shipping. Your employees will lessen their carbon imprint by driving to the factory each day rather than traveling to various sites throughout the city.

Energy-efficient amenities

Modular homes offer effective insulation and tight construction that makes them ideal for saving energy and reducing costs. Energy Star® certification is available for homes that are more energy efficient in its heating, cooling, and water heating than a comparable standard code home.