Single Story Modular Home from Legendary Homes

Every single story modular home floor plan offered by Legendary Homes is built-in compliance with the building codes, leaving them to become a superior quality prefab home.

The Dakota

One of the single story modular homes offered by Legendary Homes is ‘The Dakota’. It is a multi- section house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This type of one story modular home has a dimension of 32 feet x 68 feet, giving enough space for a growing family. The Dakota floor plan can be customized into the home buyers liking. Legendary Homes Inc is also allowing modification in the kitchen by letting home owners design their own layout by using the kitchen design tool online. Moreover, you can add a foyer beside the bedroom 3 if it fancies you.

The Woodridge

Another example of a single story modular home floor plan is ‘The Woodridge’. It is a triple- wide modular home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well. The Woodridge floor plan has 45 feet x 64 feet dimensions, giving enough space for the ‘Great Room’. Just like The Dakota, a home buyer can make adjustments to the floor plan especially the two bedrooms at the end of the house and the kitchen.

There are other options to customize the Woodridge floor plan. Our general contractor allows addition of suite retreat in the Masters bedroom, which could make a more comfortable living experience for couples. There is another option to have a basement with den.

Aside from Dakota and The Woodridge modular home floor plan, there are other different floor plans to choose from. Just contact our office and a staff will gladly assist you in realizing your dream home. But before that you can sign up for our prefabricated home kit to understand everything about modular homes.