Roles of a Modular Home Builder During the Construction Process

You should seek to find a modular home builder who is a good fit to both you and your project.  In addition to selecting a builder who offers the type of home package you wish to purchase, a good fit in personality is extremely helpful in creating a successful working relationship.  Over the course of the project, you will spend a significant amount of time with your builder, so it’s best to find someone you get along well with.

In choosing for a modular home builder, you need to note his roles and responsibilities;

Communicates and Manages Contracts

Clear communication and the ability to negotiate are important qualities for both you and your builder to share.  Paperwork is an effective tool to help facilitate this.  Contracts, work schedules, payment schedules, and change order agreements all serve to keep everyone in clear communication and accountable to their agreements.  Though some people prefer to work on a handshake, it is to everyone’s advantage to have things in writing.  That way there will be less misunderstandings and hard feelings.

Modular Home Builder is a Liaison

When you contract with the modular home builder, you are contracting with the local builder only.    The builder, in turn, contracts to buy the modules for your home from the modular manufacturing company.  No contractual relationship is created between you and the modular manufacturer.  You can think of the modular home company as a type of “subcontractor” to the builder.

Modular Home Builders Offer Home Packages

A prefab home builder is someone who has extensive construction experience and has the skill and ability to complete difficult construction projects.  Builders can offer both modular home packages as well as completely finished modular homes.  Builders typically offer the more complete home packages in a more limited service area since they have to spend a lot more time on the jobsite to complete the home package.