What to Look for a Modular Home Dealer in Michigan

Customers expect everything from a modular home dealer to go exactly as scheduled, with perfect quality or extra costs. The responsibility of a dealer starts from the moment a customer search for him. Home dealers has been the go- to guy that work with the plans, specifications, field conditions, inspectors, subcontractors, suppliers, deliveries, conflicts, and payments.

Getting to know a modular home dealer may be difficult. That’s why we are providing some characteristics you should look for.

Modular Home Dealer Manage the Job

When working with a modular home project, a home dealer is prepared to properly man projects with enough qualified trained workers.  A larger modular home job may take 5 to 10 men to maintain the schedule. If you only have 5 men on your entire crew, don’t bid it and hope you can find enough help when you need them.

A Modular Home Dealer is Well Financed

Home dealers and suppliers, who are undercapitalized, usually don’t have enough working capital or an adequate bank line of credit to handle the work they can get. This causes a cash-flow crunch which doesn’t allow them to hire enough help to get their jobs done on-time. This creates stress and causes their businesses to run inefficiently. This makes everyone upset including the general contractor, project developer. That is why home dealers should be well financed.

Manage the Contract

A reputable modular home dealer reads the contract thoroughly. He knows the by-laws of the contract and everything in between. Most home dealers sit and discuss the contract with the home owner before doing the job.

Modular Home Dealer is Trustworthy

A trustworthy modular home dealer is on top of every job they have a contract to build. They don’t wait for customers to call. They take responsibility for monitoring all their projects by visiting jobsites early and staying in touch with project superintendents on a regular basis.