Key Elements in Hiring a General Contractor for Modular Home Construction in Michigan

If you have decided to build a modular home that has significant or require specialized floor plan or features, you may want to hire a contractor to do the work.

A general contractor will take charge of the project, ordering materials, getting necessary building permits, and hiring subcontractors or workers as needed.

The following are key elements in hiring a general contractor for modular home construction in Michigan;

Get Referrals from Previous Clients

To have a satisfactory experience with a contractor, hire one with a good reputation and spell out, in writing, all the parts of the contract. It is a good idea to talk with and get estimates from more than one contractor or firm. Get referrals from friends or neighbors.

When hiring a general contractor, it is better to get recommendations from friends or neighbors who have had similar project as yours.

Check the License of the General Contractor

It is always a wise move to hire a licensed and bonded general contractor. This is to ensure that all money and effort is placed into worth. Check with your local Better Business Bureau or your city/county Consumer Affairs Office regarding the modular home general contractor’s reliability and performance record.

Discuss the Contract or Features of the Modular Home First

Ask the general contractor for references and check the references before signing a contract. Get everything in writing. Only sign a contract after thoroughly reading it and be sure that you are comfortable with the language. You have the right to modify the contract wording to meet your expectations before you sign it. The general contractor must then initial changes for the contract to be binding.

Write down features you would like before signing a contract or beginning construction. Have the general contractor figure the cost of these features into his or her price to complete the project to your specifications.