FAQ on Modular Home Addition in Michigan

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about modular home addition in Michigan;

What is an Modular Home Addition?
A modular home addition is a room or another space added in the main house and provide safe living environment to its owners.

How is an modular home addition installed?
A modular home addition is installed directly onto a home (attached) or set a few feet away from the home and connected through a covered breezeway (detached). In both cases, the installation can be done on a permanent or temporary basis. The structure can sit on a full foundation, crawl space or piers.

How much does an modular home addition cost?
The cost for a modular home addition starts at $60,000.00 fully installed and is dependent on the size of your addition.

How long does it take to install?
A standard installation takes approximately 8 weeks from the time the building permit is issued by the respective municipality. This is a time frame that falls well within the 100 day Medicare reimbursement window for rehabilitation.

How are the utilities attached in a modular home addition?
All utility services (electric, water and sewage) are connected to, and operate off, the main house.