Decorating a Modular Home in Michigan

Once you are in the newly constructed modular home, you cannot wait to decorate it. The fun begins when ideas to make it appealing struck you.

Deciding on the Design


Approaching the decoration of modular home with the idea that it doesn’t all have to come together overnight will make it easier. In fact, giving yourself at least a week to scope the new rooms out will be to your advantage for several reasons: one, it allows you to determine how much natural light the rooms get, which will make choosing window treatments and furniture placement easier, and two, waiting at least a week, or more, if possible, will make determining final furniture placement easier as the natural traffic patterns in your home become obvious.

Decorate One Area at a Time

One thing to remember when decorating your modular home is that you do not have to decorate all the rooms at once. Just getting the furniture in the rooms is enough; in fact, as stated above, it will allow you to live with the furniture arrangement for awhile to determine the best placement of the furniture in the room.  It is best to start your decorating with the common areas in your home, the ones that everyone uses most. Having blank walls in the family room is less discouraging than having blank walls in the bedroom.

Always Check your Design

Regardless of what room you start with, it’s time to go back to your design notebook, and have another look at the designs you clipped for the room are decorating. With an eye to the design elements you already have, such as furniture and accessories, and the design notebook as a reference, use what you have on hand to get a start. Pay attention to the way wall accessories are arranged in the design you enjoy, and to the colors used in accessories and accent pieces. Using the design you like as a template, start arranging your own accessories.

Think Before you Buy

If you don’t have everything you need or want for your room’s design, don’t make the mistake of rushing out to buy every single thing you think you need. Give yourself some time to live in the design, and if it is truly the design you want, add accessories or other elements as you find ones that appeal to you.  And don’t forget to shop for your modular home before hitting the mall.