Changing the Modular Home Floor Plan

As you look over several of our floor plans for modular homes, keep in mind that each can be changed to fit specific needs. The optional modular home floor plans were created by making relatively minor and affordable modifications. You can do something similar to virtually any of our standard modular home floor plans.

Modular home customization opens up an exciting array of options and, depending on your requirements, it won’t cost you a cent. It could even reduce the overall cost of your home.

You can also take one of our modular home floor plans and make it into an entirely different type. For example, you can turn most of our ranch house plans into second story modular home. You just have to discuss with our home builder on what are the features you wish to incorporate.

You can also make many Cape Cod house plans that have an unfinished second story into a chalet by adding beams in the ceiling, railings for a loft, and trapezoid windows. Although it requires a lot more effort and creativity, you can also make some two story modular home floor plans into a T-ranch by placing the second story perpendicular to the first story. These small tricks can help you expand the possibilities.

With our modular home designs, there’s much more flexibility. If you want to change the configuration and size of rooms within the footprint of the home, you can. Even if you want to change the footprint of the concrete pad, there’s the freedom to change the configuration of the modular pre-cast concrete slabs.