Benefits of Building a Green and Energy Efficient Modular Home in Michigan

Customers have been impressed with the many benefits of a green modular home in Michigan. Special considerations include floor plans specifically designed to meed the needs of our customers. Modular homes have quicker building times. As a modular home dealer, Legendary Homes Inc. is offering a collection of green modular homes engineered to match the challenging building sites and updated code requirements in the hurricane-affected areas.

Green Modular Homes are Inexpensive

The process is somewhat less expensive than traditional construction and often takes less time, requiring roughly three months to construct a home once modules are delivered to the jobsite and craned into place. In most instances, items like insulation, plumbing, windows, doors, trim, and drywall also are installed at the factory. The computer-controlled process also greatly reduces construction waste.

Green Modular Home is Insulated

Legendary Homes Inc produces modular homes that are practically airtight, thanks to factory-installed fiberglass batts and blown-in cellulose, advanced framing techniques, and painstakingly air-sealed envelopes that achieve R-19 walls and R-30 in the attic. Since modular homes are built indoors and away from the elements, the chance of mold is virtually taken out of the equation.

Green Modular Home is Strong

The engineered approach also offers special safeguards for modular homes, such as additional strapping and bolting and specially formulated two-part adhesives. Modular construction is ideal for high-wind zones. We have the ability in the factory to really achieve what’s needed—in terms of additional strapping—that’s more cumbersome to add in the field.

Prefabricated housing has an added benefit for builders. It reduces dependence on on-site skilled labor. Typically in situations like high-volume rebuilding, prices rise pretty rapidly related to labor costs because it becomes in short supply relative to the market. This doesn’t happen with modular building.

Legendary Homes Inc. has sold lots of modular homes over the year and taken more customers ever since. Modular has become popular here, who no longer has to explain to customers what a modular home is.