Advantages of Modular Home Financing in Michigan

A modular home construction has a lot of benefits. That even financing its construction is a fun experience.

Modular Home Price

Modular homes undergo most of their construction in a climate-controlled factory where weather events and materials shortages are less likely to occur. This reduces the cost of the home and often speeds up its construction. Modular home builders often have in-house inspectors that ensure quality construction throughout the build, which also helps reduce the price.

More Financing Options

Modular homes come with an additional avenue of financing that other homes can’t access: financing through the manufacturer. A modular home will qualify for standard home financing and mortgages, but sometimes the manufacturer will offer a better deal. Always read loan papers carefully, and it’s perfectly OK to ask your agent about financing decisions.


This housing option comes in a plethora of styles and offers a diversity of design features.  Whether you’re looking for a log cabin or classic colonial style, you can find a modular home that suits your taste. Although there are some limitations in terms of floor plans, you can add bonus rooms, garages and even basements in some cases.